SEBA Transport uses trucks that are less than 5 years old. SEBA Transport is well known as having one of the modern vehicle fleets on the market, with trucks that are economic, eco-friendly and offer high level of safety and comfort for its drivers.

This modern fleet linked to a comprehensive and preventive maintenance program has a direct result in a highly efficient, well maintained, lower downtimes, leading ensemble. SEBA Transport wants to continue its vehicle fleet revamping plan with a clear target: to attract new professional drivers and to reduce maintenance costs.

Having a new and modern vehicle fleet, less than 5 years old, we accomplish the following:
  • increase drivers satisfaction;
  • lower fuel consumption by using the latest engine technology;
  • lower maintenance costs;
  • excelent buy-back value - well maintained trucks are preffered;
  • better delivery times for our clients - less downtime periods;

Technology is very important for SEBA Transport. The entire management team is focused towards costs reduction and efficiency increase for each truck we use.

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